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Protecting Your Legal Rights Is Our Goal

The attorneys at Mitchell & Suhr PLLC do not back down when it comes to defending your rights. Paul Suhr and Melissa Mitchell have over 30 years of combined legal knowledge and experience.

We defend clients in Raleigh and the surrounding areas who have issues that involve:

  • Immigration and naturalization
  • Family law, including international adoption

If you are struggling with the immigration or naturalization process, we can help you navigate the legal system to obtain citizenship, visas and green cards, as well as advise you on how to get employment for noncitizens.

We help couples with international adoption, divorce, child custody, and child support. These family law issues can come with life-altering changes, and we take special care in getting to know you and your family so we can devise a strong customized case that will lead to a positive outcome.

We take an aggressive strategic approach to each case. We understand the high risks and significant consequences you could face. Our attorneys begin negotiating with the other party, but if negotiations break down, we are prepared to take your case to trial. We also provide post-conviction services, including appeals if the verdict does not go your way.

Exceptional Communication

Communication is key to understanding your concerns and legal issues. Our attorneys often work with clients who speak Spanish, Korean, and Mandarin. We welcome all non–English speaking clients.

Melissa Mitchell and Paul Suhr will give you the attention you deserve and are devoted to helping you settle your legal issues.

Meet Our Legal Staff

Melissa Mitchell and Paul Suhr are aided by three dynamic, committed staff members:

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